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Welcome to the Mutual Images Journal. 

The broad purpose of the scholarly and peer-reviewed journal Mutual Images is the analysis and discussion of the everchanging, multidimensional relations between Europe and Asia, and between specific European countries or regions and specific Asian countries or regions. We specifically investigate the mutual cultural influences between Japan and other cultures, with an emphasis on the image cultures.

As an international journal, Mutual Images uses English as a lingua franca and strives for multi-, inter- and/or transdisciplinary perspectives. And as an Open Access Journal, it provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. The journal is registered under the ISSN 2496-1868.

Mutual Images was created by Marco Pellitteri, Aurore Yamagata-Montoya and Maxime Danesin, three academics sharing an interest in “images” of Japan, as well as past and present cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe. Its title comes from an expression used by Akira Iriye for his publication Mutual Images: Essays in American-Japanese Relations (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1975). Several academics have, since Iriye, focused on explicating those ‘mutual images’, especially regarding the Japanese-American interactions. We believe, that only through a continuous interrogation of such images, in constant evolution, will we be able to overcome the stereotypical images and enable a better understanding of societies.


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CFP Visual Literacy


Mutual Images Journal welcomes submissions to an upcoming issue on visual literacy.

If we understand ‘culture’ as a process, we can consider ‘visual literacy’ as the skills needed to understand, interpret and discuss images in various sites of meaning-making, including the sites of production, circulation and consumption of images. For this special issue of Mutual Images, we invite submissions that explore interpretative practices that make up a visual culture. 

Mutual Images accepts original articles pertaining to Asia (especially Japan), Europe, or from a cross-cultural perspective. It publishes academic articles, as well as book reviews on the subjects of society, politics and culture. 

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Vol 2 (2016): Japanese Pop Culture in Europe Today: Economic Challenges, Mediated Notions, Future Opportunities

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