Journal History

The Mutual Images Journal was established in 2016 by the Mutual Images Reasearch Association, a scholarly and non-profit association officially registered under French law (loi 1901) and founded by the three academics Marco Pellitteri, Aurore Yamagata-Montoya and Maxime Danesin. It is a transcultural research journal registered under the ISSN 2496-1868.

The papers presented at the first two Mutual Images Workshops (2013 and 2014) were published as proceedings in Invene (ISSN: 2273-6085), Vol.1-2. Since its registeration in 2014 as an official association with the Préfecture du Rhône, France, Mutual Images Research Association has been preparing the creation of its peer-reviewed research journal.

The 1st volume of the Mutual Images Journal has been published in Summer 2016, containing the articles from the first two editions of the workshop (2013 and 2014). The 2nd volume has been published in Winter 2017, and starting from the 3rd volume (Autumn 2017), it has been decided that Mutual Images will be published every Spring and Autumn of each year.