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The Mutual Images Journal was established in 2016 by the Mutual Images Research Association, a scholarly and non-profit association established in 2014 and officially registered under French law (loi 1901). It is a transcultural research journal registered under the ISSN 2496-1868.

It was created in 2013 under the form of an academic workshop by Marco Pellitteri, Aurore Yamagata-Montoya and Maxime Danesin, three academics sharing an interest in “images” of Japan, as well as past and present cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe. The name of this association comes from an expression used by Akira Iriye as the title of his publication Mutual Images: Essays in American-Japanese Relations (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1975). Several academics have, since Iriye, focused on explicating those ‘mutual images’, especially regarding the Japanese-American interactions. We believe, that only through a continuous interrogation of such images, in constant evolution, will we be able to overcome the stereotypical images and enable a better understanding of societies.

The philosophy from which the Mutual Images Research Association was born speaks clear: to investigate the mutual cultural influences between Japan and other cultures, with an emphasis on the image cultures. The first three workshops held in Japan and France have been focusing on the relationships between Japan and Europe. Since 2015, Mutual Images widened its field of interest under three programs: “Japan Focus”, “Asia-Europe Exchanges” and “Global Interactions”.

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