Vol 4 (2018)

Japan and Asia: Representations of Selfness and Otherness

Mutual Images [Online], Vol. 4, Spring, 2018

ISSN : 2496-1868

Table of Contents


Olga Isaeva
Fabio Domenico Palumbo
Seán Hudson
Barbara Hartley


Primitive Selves: Koreana in Japanese Colonial Gaze, 1910-1945- E. Taylor Atkins
Kara Marie Dischinger
Review- The Disasters of Peace: Social discontent in the manga of Tsuge Tadao and Katsumata Susumu – Exhibited at the HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART
Jamie Tokuno
Review- Rewriting History in Manga: Stories for the Nation – Nissim OTMAZGIN & Rebecca SUTTER (Eds)
Christopher Hood