Mutual Images Journal

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No. 11 (2023)
Published December 20, 2023

Mutual Images is an annual, double-blind peer-reviewed and transcultural research journal, established in 2016 by the scholarly, non-profit and independent Mutual Images Research Association (MIRA), and registered under the ISSN 2496-1868. Its field of interest is the analysis and discussion of the ever-changing, multifaceted relations between Europe and Asia, and between specific European countries or regions and specific Asian countries or regions. A privileged area of investigation concerns the mutual cultural influences between Japan and other national or regional contexts, with a special emphasis on visual domains, media studies, the cultural and creative industries, and popular imagination at large.

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Maxime Danesin, Manuel Hernández-Pérez, Marco Pellitteri
Editorial – Continuing research in a time full of sound and fury
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