Rewriting History in manga: Stories for the nation –Nissim OTMAZGIN & Rebecca SUTER (Eds)


Rewriting History in manga: Stories for the nation
Rebecca SUTER

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Hood, C. “Rewriting History in Manga: Stories for the Nation –Nissim OTMAZGIN & Rebecca SUTER (Eds)”. Mutual Images Journal, no. 4, June 2018, pp. 108-10, doi:10.32926/2018.4.r.hoo.rewri.


Workshops work. Many edited collections start life as papers and ideas presented at workshops. Rewriting History in Manga’s origins, according to text in the Acknowledgements, were in a workshop held at the University of Sydney in August 2012. One can imagine, from both the discussion in the book and from my own experience at workshops, that the project may have started from some ideas about testing new ground without necessarily knowing if it would, or could, lead to anything more significant. Not all research does go onto chapters in books, articles in journals or other outputs. That is the nature of research. The workshops are necessary as a mechanism for people to come together and test the water. And sometimes, the water is well and truly tested and from that it is possible to develop a coherent and interesting study. Rewriting History in Manga does this and reveals why workshops are so valuable.

Edited collections can work too. Whilst monographs arguably remain the gold standard, there has been [...]
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